Republic of Korea
Timeline: Blue Dream

OTL equivalent: North and South Korea
Unifiedkoreaflag Emblem of South Korea
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Republic of Korea

"Benefit Broadly the Human World (Korean)

Capital Seoul
Largest city Seoul
Other cities Pyongyang, Pusan, Incheon
  others English, Japanese, Chinese
Freedom of Religion
  others Buddhism, Christianity
Ethnic Group Korean
Demonym Korean
Government Unitary Presidential Constitutional Republic
  legislature National Assembly
Population 80,544,735 
Established September 4, 1948
Currency Korean Won
Calling Code +82
Internet TLD .kr

"The Soldier who fights to death never dies, but the soldier who fights for existence never truly exists"

            -Admiral Yi Sun Shin

Japanese Domination (1927-1945)

Korea was a place of war and starvation when Japan ruled the territory. Korea was once an imperialist country, as it was ruled by the Joseon Dynasty. Then in 1911, the Japanese invaded and became a colony of the country. Resistance organizations were formed by many of the unwilling followers of Japanese rule. The whole country was in ruins. The Japanese were very cruel to Korean citizens, as they executed all who would not all follow. The Country was finally released by Japan in 1945. Then at the end of the Second World War, Korea was granted its independence from Japan as it is now the Republic of Korea.

The Time of Confusion (1945-1948)

After the Second World War, the Korean people were confused who was their leader. So the Koreans asked China to occupy the north and the USA to occupy the south. The USSR, who wanted to spread communism to Korea, was outraged that they couldn't control the north and threatened war. The USA and China told the people to ignore the USSR and continue with everyday activities. So in response, the USSR sent troops to Korea and fired weapons at Pyongyang, saying if the territory wasn't ceded to them then, they would fire all weapons and start war. Luckily, a solution was come to. The USSR had a sphere of influence in the north and China had a sphere of influence in the south. Both nations agreed to this deal and is now split into the spheres of the north and the south.

Under the Shadow of Giants (1948-1975)

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Full Potential (1975- )

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