Republic of Khorasan
Timeline: No Muhammad

OTL equivalent: Afghanistan
Flag of the Republic of Khorasan (No Muhammad) Emblem of the Republic of Khorasan (No Muhammad)
Flag Coat of Arms
Map of Asia (No Muhammad)
Khorasan in Asia
(and largest city)
Language Khorasani
Religion Buddhism, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism, Hinduism
Ethnic Group Khorasani
Demonym Khorasani
President Awtar Singh
Area 652,230 km²
Population 31,108,077 
Independence from Sasanian Empire
Currency Khorasani Rupee
Internet TLD .kho
Organizations United Nations, South Asian Nations

Khorasan, (Khorasani: खोरसन), also spelled Khurasan, officially the Republic of Khorasan is a landlocked country forming part of South Asia and Central Asia. It borders Bharat to the south and the east, Persia to the west and the north, and the Altai Union in the far northeast. It shares a long history with both the Persian and Bharati civilizations but, being centered on impassable mountains and highlands, it has frequently been independent from both.




Khorasan is a religiously diverse country. The western part is predominantly Zoroastrian, the centre of the nation is predominantly Buddhist, the east is predominantly Hindu, and the nation's second largest religion Sikhism is scattered all over the country.

There is religious freedom in Khorasan as there has been for many centuries. All four religions co-exist and you find a large amount of people from any religion anywhere in the country.




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