After the conquest of China and the peace agreement with America, Japan becomes intent upon a confrontation with the USSR. However, the students' revolution against the military results in a democratic government coming to power. The new government uses its vast industry to advance the technology of the Japanese empire.


In 1954 Japan launches its first satellite. This is followed by moon landing in 1964 and a permanent base established in 1970.

Mobile Phones

The first portable wireless telephones are introduced to the Japanese military in 1958. Throughout the 60's, 70's, 80's and early 90's mobile phones are must-have accessories.


PMP's (Personal Music Players) were first invented in the mid 80's and by the end of the decade were common place. They were one must-have item until 2000 when they were surpassed by earpods.

&nbsp Earpieces

In 1993 KoKi industries release the first earpiece. It is designed to have all the functions of a Mobile phone except is more compact and up to date. By 2000 earpiece

Earpieces were common in the 1990's and beyond

ces have replaced mobiles altogether and are more common. In 2003 KoKi announces that everyone in Japan who doesn't already have an earpiece will have one fitted for free.


Earpods were fitted as an accessorie to earpieces. It was to be worn in the opposite ear to the earpiece to give stereo sound if listening to music on earpiece. By 2006 they are worn almost always as well as earpiece.


From 1945 onwards Japan led the world into a new capitalist age. This led tomany changes to the society of Japan and the world.


Beginning in the mid 90's fitness became a major part of life, firstly in America and Britain then the whole world. In 1998 LoN legislation made it legal for all children and teenagers in education aged 8 to 21 to have 3 hours in a gym every day. In 2000, Colbin the first safe fitness enhancing drug was discovered and 6 months later it was being administered to everyone between the ages of 8 to 38.


From the 1960's onwards the world was very consumerist and new gadgets were a must have.




1940: Nationalist and Communist China surrender.

1941: Japan attacks Pearl Harbor.

1942: Students' revolution, ceasefire in war with Britain and America.

1944: Japan joins allies in war against Germany.

1946: India, Burma, Pakistan become independent.

1948: Siam invades and annexes Burma but adopts name of Burma, Palek Pibulsonggram becomes Prime Minister and virtual dictator.


1952: MacArthur becomes president of the United States. Only weeks after coming to office he dispatches 5000 US troops to Burma. 40,000 by end of year, 400 casualties.

1953: MacArthur sends more troops to Burma, regular bombing raids by B-29's and establishes a bridgehead in the South. The siege of Bangkok begins in May and it is not finally occupied by US troops until Christmas.

1954: Siam declares independence, as does Burma and appoints Aung San President.





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