Republic of Italy
Timeline: Canadian Independence

OTL equivalent: Italian Peninsula, Corsica
Flag of Italy Emblem of Italy
Flag Coat of Arms
Anthem "The Song of the Italians"
Capital Rome
Largest city Rome
Language Italian
Demonym Italian
Government Republic
President Giorgio Napolitano
Independence from Kingdom of Italy
  declared 1850
  recognized 1850
Currency Italian lira
The Republic of Italy, more commonly known as Italy, is a nation in Europe. It occupies the entire Italian Peninsula, and also has control over the island of Corsica.


Italian Uprising

Map of Italy 1850

Map of the Italian Peninsula after the uprising. The Republic is in blue.

In 1847, the European Revolutions were beginning, which had evolved from a war against Napoleon III of France into a war against the monarchs of European nations. The Kingdom of Italy was struck with revolution, and plus their wise king, Joachim II, died and he was replaced by inexperienced Joachim III. The revolutionaries struck gold, and took over much of the country. However, King Joachim III got his act together, and began one of the most famous campaigns in history, taking Sicily and much of the Italian Peninsula from the revolutionaries. The rebels still held onto northern Italy, and both armies were exhausted. Joachim III and the leader of the revolutionaries, Antonio Beretta, signed the Treaty of Florence, ending the Italian Uprising.

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