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Republic of Iowa
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday

OTL equivalent: Johnson County, Iowa
Flag of Iowa Iowa-StateSeal
Flag Seal
200px-Map of Iowa highlighting Johnson County svg
Location of Republic of Iowa
(and largest city)
Iowa City
President Matt Hayek
Vice President Dale Helling
Area 1,614 km²
Population 50,000 
Currency Dollar

The Republic of Iowa was a former state located deep in the interior of post-Doomsday North America. Despite claiming all of the former state of Iowa, the state controlled only the immediate territory around Iowa City, making the survivor state a de facto city-state. Its alliance with various brigands in the 1990s led to Iowa City being occupied by the Quad Cities Alliance. A new government decided to join the QCA as a Protectorate, ending the short-lived Republic of Iowa.

200px-Iowa City City Hall

The former Iowan Executive Residence

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