Republic of India
Pax americana wiki map Republic of India
Map of the Indian Republic

Unity, Freedom, and Liberty (English)

Anthem "Jana Gana Mana"
Capital Bangalore
Largest city Bangalore
Language English
  others Christianity, Islam
Ethnic Groups
Indians and Pakistanis
  others Whites, Persians, Arabs, Aryans
Legislature Limited Democracy and Republic
Population 350,000,000 
Established 1952
Independence from British Empire
  declared 1947
Currency Rupee

The Republic of India is a democratic state and republic bordering the People's Republic of China, American-occupied Pakistan, and Burma. It is one of the world's largest democracies ever known. After a humiliating defeat by the American Empire during the Indo-American War, India began to rebuild its economy and its military with the help of the British and French empires. It also has struggled for the annexation of the small nation of Bangalore. India was founded when Gandhi declared independence for India after surviving his assassination. Despite such success, India was still unable to control its outraged Pro-American population.



Indo-American War

Sino-American War

With the First Sino-American War threatening India's neutrality in 1957, the President was forced to intervene and join forces with China by spring. In 1958, India's eastern territory, along with a few coastal areas, were being overrun by American forces.