Republic of Iceland
Timeline: One Battle

OTL equivalent: Iceland
Flag of Iceland Coat of arms of Iceland
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Language Icelandic
The Republic of Iceland is a island republic in the Atlantic.


After the Great Nuclear War, the Republic of Iceland was unhurt, having no nuclear weapons hit Iceland. It largely remained unchanged until roughly 1982. A military coup occurred and Iceland became the Armed Republic of Iceland. After the economy crashed in 1985, the old government, who had been in hiding since the coup, lead a revolution against the new government and restored the country to the republic it once was. In 1992, Iceland got in contact with Norway, being the first nation Iceland got in contact to after the war. When, in 1998, the Norwegian Civil War occurred and Iceland supported the Republicans. In the year 2000, when the Ryhmän Party led a coup against the Finnish government becoming the Ryhmän Social Republic (RSR) and conquered Sweden and the lower area of Norway, Iceland funded the Norwegian military against the Finnish Invasion.

Life in Iceland

Iceland has become, as considered by most, one of the most democratic and civil countries in the world.



Republic of Norway

Republic of Sweden



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