In 1413, Owain Gylndwr successfully took control of the entire Country of Wales. He proclaimed a Welsh Kingdom, then began to organize an army. He based his army off of the Roman Legion system, and was able to field two Welsh Legions. He then proceeded to invade England with one of the Legions, and met a massive english army composed of 30,000 men. The battle of London had thus began. Placing Longbow men behind wooden stakes, the Archers decimated charge after charge of english Knights. Finally, after defeating the english army, he besieged London. After three months of bitter resistance, London finally fell. The Greater Welsh Kingdom was established, and King Owain proceeded to conquer Scotland and Ireland.

The Battle of Constantinople

After decided an Ottoman Siege inevitable, King Aeron of the Greater Welsh Kingdom decided to send two Legions to help defend Constantinople. Within the first two months of the Siege, the Ottoman forces capitulated and mutinied against Sultan Mehmed, with many joining the Greeks and Welsh to pursue Mehmed and his elite 'Janissaries. Within a year Edirne was captured, and Mehmed executed. The Byzantine empire was re-established, and the conquest of Syria began.

The Re-Adminstration of the Holy Roman Empire

The Holy Roman Empire, fearing that Wale's ally France was about to invade, trained a professional army with Legions, then invaded France. Within a year, most of eastern France had fallen, so Wales sent in a Legion to defend Paris and train a brand new force of French Longbow men. Advised by the Welsh, France counter attacked and reclaimed all lost territory.

New Gunpowder

By 1500, the Welsh began to replace Longbows with Matchlock Muskets, followed by France. A year after these two countries adopted firearms, the Holy Roman Empire began to replace it's crossbows with Matchlocks.

European Colonialism

South Africa was made a Welsh Colony, and the Holy Roman Empire and Poland rushed to compete.

The Great War

The Holy Roman empire invaded France in 1842, using airplanes, a new German invention. Due to the shock and surprise, Paris was captured within a month. However, the Free France and three Legions of the Greater Welsh Kingdom counter attacked and liberated France. The Holy Roman Empire was forced to de militarize, and become a Welsh puppet state. Also fighting the Holy Roman Empire was Byzantium.

The Cold War

Both the Greater Welsh Kingdom and the Byzantine Empire were reformed and made republics, but Communism began to influence the Byzantines, and a Cold war ensued in 1911. Both republics began to use jet engines, and a race to the moon ensued. In 1932, the Moon Crisis emerged. Both republics landed spacecraft on the moon at nearly exact times, and a nuclear exchange almost occurred. However, humanity was spared, and in 1947, Wales sent a man to mars.

The End of The Cold War

A political faction in the Holy Roman Republic emerged, hoping to establish a "Second Reich'. Both the Byzantines and Welsh were forced to unify against the threat, and a second Cold war occurred.

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