The Republic of Greater Peru.

South American nation, it has borders in the north with Colombian Empire, south with the Republic of Chile, the Confederation of Rio de la Plata and the Chaco Confederation.

Its Capital is Cuzco.

It received its independence in September of 1814 after Seven Years Conflict with Spanish armies coming from the still loyal Territories of the Chaco and Southern Uruguay.


Like Colombia its Official Language is Spanish but due to the War Invasion of Brazilian Terrain, Portuguese is the Co-official language.

History Wars and Conflict

It starts in 1798 after a series of conflicts between the Portuguese and Spaniards for a Brazilian intrusion into the Peruvian Territories. The rebel leadership used this to push the remaining loyal civilians to their side, encouraging the nation to reach its independence. In early 1804 an expanded France starts invading Spain, triggering a minor Spaniard presence in America, impelling the Peruvians to keep their war just a little longer until 1807 when the army is fully defeated and the Loyalist army is expelled from Perú by the Criollos. As of 1810 the Brazilians remained under Portuguese control when the Portuguese surrendered to the French Empire. The remaining leadership of the loyal family fled to Brazil where the Portuguese Empire was being controlled from until Portugal was retaken. The Brazilian-Portuguese Army set its eyes into Peru. The Mato Grosso War starts with the Portuguese army marching to Peru while this nation was organizing. The nation lost the war as the Portuguese Reached the Capital set in Cuzco where the president capitulated and surrendered to the Brazilian-Portuguese giving them a lot of terrain on the eastern side of The Andes. As of the 1815 the Brazilians have started their independence. With no one to stop them the Brazilian Kingdom enters into a crisis. While this occurs the Peruvians retake the eastern Peruvian Territories and get to the Mato Grosso. The Brazilian army doesn't respond as they are dealing with the Loyalist army in the north.

On August 10 of 1820, the Colombo-Peruvian alliance officially declares war against the Brazilian Empire, initiating the Andean Coalition and the Amazonian wars. After raids on the Peruvian Border and in the Mato Grosso, as of July 7 1827, the War is officially over when the Brazilians are defeated in the Battles of Manaus, Cuiaba and Rio Branco. With this the Brazilians surrender to the Colombian and Peruvians and then give a lot of terrain. After the war the Separatists of Bolivia started using the Brazilian Pride to start a Civil war and to cease the Peruvian Power. In 1832 the nation was again in crisis as the Bolivians Revolutionaries sided with the Brazilians. The nation decides to give them rights as Citizens of the Republic.

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