Republic of Goa
Republica do Goa
— Direct Dependency of United Republics
Timeline: Night of the Living Alternate History

OTL equivalent: Indian Province of Goa
Flag of Goa (Night of the Living Alternate History Map Game)
Flag of Indian Province of Goa
(and largest city)
Vasco da Gama
Other cities Panaji, Margao
Spanish, Portuguese
  others Hindi, English
Religion Catholicism, Hindi
Population 2,568,697 (2000 Census) 
Established 1980
Admission 2002 Direct Dependency
Currency Real Peso, Three Republics Dollar
Time zone UTC +6
Abbreviations GOA

Goa in 2002, become a UR direct dependency, meaning they have a representative in the UR legislators and to the Executive branch. In 1980 the UR and Portugal cleared the regions of Goa, Darda and Nagar Haveli, Daman and Diu, and the Western third of Maharashtra to 25 miles east of the cities of Pune and Nashik and the road connecting them. The UR continues to establish three republics in the region, Goa, Mumbai, and Maharashtra. Maharashtra has since expanded eastward to take the whole OTL Maharashtra province and southward as well. Goa has become a major hub for trading and point for the catholic faith in East Asia. After 22 years of great relations with the UR, Goa elected to become a direct dependency of the UR to continue close relations. Goa remains a member of the Three Indian Republics economic and military alliance.