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Republic of Germany
Timeline: One Battle

OTL equivalent: Top of Germany
Flag of Germany Coat of arms of Germany
Flag Coat of Arms
Republic of Germany Map
Location of Germany
(and largest city)
  others English
Demonym German
Legislature Federal parliamentary constitutional republic
Republic of Germany is a democratic nation which occupies the top of Germany.


After the Great Nuclear War, the former Federal Republic of Germany was left standing and became self-governed. In 1969, it officially became Republic of Germany. In 1973, it took control and annexed the fallen German Democratic Republic. In 1974, a revolution occurred in the lower part of Germany led by a man called Bannan Schmidt or by his title, the Führer. The lower part broke off and became 'Fourth Reich'. In 1979, the Imperial Republic of Poland rose and, in 1983, Poland invaded Germany, taking some land. This started the Polish-German War. This would last until 1986. Then in 1990, a agent of Germany spied on the Fourth Reich. When the Führer was making a speech, the agent was overcome with hatred and shot the Führer, killing him instantly. The agent was shot seconds after the assassination. Two months after the assassination, the Fourth Reich declared war on Germany, starting the Reich War. This war is still happening to this day.

Life in Germany

The country strives for equality and democracy.








Fourth Reich

Imperial Republic of Poland


It suffers many terrorist attacks from the Fourth Reich.

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