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French-flag1 No coa
Coat of Arms

Eternal Light (New Latin)
("Eternus Lux lucis")

(and largest city)
New Latin
  others French


Ethnic Groups
  others Frankish


Established Republic created in 1694
Independence from Westren Roman Empire
  declared 456
  recognized 477
Annexation to France
  date 1789 A.D

The Rebirth of Rome

Established in 464 A.D by the last governor of Roman Gaul Agedius, recognized by the Byzantine Empire as Westren Roman Emperor in 477 A.D (POD) his son Sygarius would defeat Clovio of the Franks, driving them beyond the Rhine, (POD) in the 490 A.D Sugarius would declare war on the Visigoths, retaking Southern Gaul and extending Sossians to the Alps for a time, Sygarius would pass on the throne to his son Segario, in 496 A.D he landed on Southern Britain welcomed by the local Gallo-Romans as a hero. With a combined force drove the Saxons to Kent and East Anglia cemeting his rule in the Westren and Southern Parts of the Old Roman province,
705px-Blank map Western Europe without borders atelier graphique colors svg

Red (Sossians) Purple (Byzantine Empire)

Segario would also wage war with the Visagoths to reclaim lost land in Gaul.

In the upcoming 6th Century, the Byzantines under Emperor Justian in 534 invaded Ostrogoth Italy , while Sossian Emperor Anieus invaded the North, the Ostrogoths could not fight on two fronts.

It became a race to reach Rome,

Anieus with Legions I III and VI won the race reaching Rome and besieging the city,

Anieus would storm Rome before Belisarurs Eastren General even arrived.Belisarurs demanded that Anieus kiss his feet and send Justian Tribute-

Anieus Refused and the Eastren Empire was shut out of Rome. This is Resulted in the War of the Great Split between the Revied Westren Empire and the Present Standing East

The war ended eventually ended in 545 A.D Sossians being reconigzed as the Reborn Westren Roman Empire, Easten Rome would conquer the Vandal Kingdom in Carthage, while Sossians took Mauretania Tingitana.

In 548 Visagoth Hispania (Spain) was invaded by Anieus, The Last Visagoth King Athangild was slain in Cathaoga Nova during a siege in 550, in six years the resistance would and wane, in 556 the last of the Visogoths were defeated near mondern day Torledo the rebirth of Westren Empire was complete. In September 12th of 556, Anieus is named heir of Augustus and protector of the Pope. September 12 would be celebreated as the Roman Re-Birth day until 1789

The Re-Latinazation of the West

Arabic Invasions stopped at Cordoba

First Decline

A Resurgence and a Crusade

Reformation and Inqusition

Final Defeat and end of the Third Rome 

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