Republic of China
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Anthem "National Anthem of the Republic of China"
Capital Nanjing
Largest city Shanghai
Language Mandarin (most common), cantonese (in the south), mongolian, and tibetan
Demonym chinese
Area 11,077,380 km²/4,277,000 sq mi km²
Population 1,654,325,678 
Currency Yuan
The Republic of China is quite different from its OTl counterpart. As one can see in the map, its sovereignty includes Taiwan and Mongolia. Its population is also bigger not only because it has Mongolia and Taiwan but also because of the lack of a great leap forward or one child policy. Its cultural heritage is also more visible as much of it was erased in OTL. The country is rivaling the US and Europe as it has the second largest GDP in the world.

Early history

China has a very rich history involving different dynasties, the great wall of china, Mongolian rule, and more dynasties.

20th century

The Qing dynasty lasted until 1912 when the Xinhai Revolution happened thus the republic of china was born. In the 40s, many parts of china were under japanese occupation and numerous atrocities were committed. This was until the US defeated Japan and didn't really rebuild it and forced the country to pay massive reparations. When Japan became a fascist state once again in 1959, tensions between China and Japan heated up. Although China had a larger population, Japan had a more organized military and had taken china before. They weren't as unprepared though as the US did sell military goods to China in case the threat of Japan reemerged.

Although china was plagued with the same problems after the pacific war in the 40s as in OTL, it does not turn to communism as there was no October revolution.



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