Flag of the Republic of China

Flag of the Republic of China

The Republic of China is a country that covers a vast area of Asia including all the Chinese continent, and the Islands of Hainan, Taiwan and other minor Islands. It came to control all China including the Islands in 1949 after winning the Chinese Civil War Against the Communists, the PRC government surrendered unconditionally and first, all countries started to retire recognition to the PRC and then the PRC government ceased to exist.

The Republic of China is composed of 22 provinces and four Autonomous Regions (Xingjiang, Tibet, Ningxia, and Inner Mongolia. The Capital was relocated from Beijing to Nanking after the ROC gained control of all China. In Inner Mongolia, Cyrillic alphabet has been adopted as the official script for Mongolian language, although traditional Mongol script is also accepted. In Ningxia, Chinese is written as in OTL was written until the 1950's although that script is still official in OTL, but together with the simplified Chinese one, and that is, with the Arabic script for Chinese, better known as Xiao'ering . The autonomous regions have a much higher level of autonomy than the PRC autonomous regions in OTL, having their own direct elections to choose the governors and presidents of their regions.

China is the third world leading economy after the UK and Japan.

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