Republic of China (Chunghwa Minkuo)
Timeline: Burma Ascension

OTL equivalent: Southeastern China, Hainan and Taiwan
Flag of the Republic of China National Emblem of the Republic of China
Flag Coat of Arms
Fifth Burmese Nation RoC
Location of Republic of China (Chunghwa Minkuo)
Anthem "National Flag Anthem of the Republic of China"
Capital Guangzhou
Largest city Guangzhou
Other cities Tainan, Taipei, Fuzhou, Wuhan, Hong Kong, Shenzhen
  others Min Nan (Hokkien), Hakka, Xiang
Religion Mahayana Buddhism
Demonym South Chinese
Government Parliamentary Republic
Area 1,087,100 km²
Population 756,000,000 
Currency Yuan
Time Zone (UTC+830)
Internet TLD .ch

The Republic of China, more commonly known as South China is a republic located in eastern Asia. It is bordered by the Kingdom of China (North China) in the north, the Kingdom of the United Provinces of Myanmar to the west and the Republic of Vietnam to the southwest.


South China came into existence on October 17th, 1911 after a civil war (the Xinhai Revolution) with the Imperial North. South China continuously supported attempts to bring down the Chinese empire which strained already precarious relations. When the Tarim Republic declared independence from North China, South China supported its independence cause. This led to a dramatic war with North China from 1943 to 1962 which resulted in over 50 million deaths.The internal Chinese border was heavily militarized and skirmished occurred regularly. Relations normalized after 1976, particularly after the deaths of Emperor Mao Zhedong of North China and General Chiang Kai-shek of South China. Korea, Japan and Tibet were able to broker a peace deal which gradually improved ties, including the establishment of formal diplomatic relations between the two nations.


South China is one of the world's leading exporters of manufactured goods, especially electronics and heavy machinery. South China is a major agricultural state, although most of its produce is consumed domestically. Its major exports are heavy weaponry (it is the 5th largest exporter of weaponry after the United States, Russia, USSR and Persia), heavy machinery and chemicals. Its main imports are foodstuffs, natural gas and oil, textiles and marine produce. Myanmar is its main trading partner, with annual trade volumes reaching over 300 billion Kyats.

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