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The Republic of Central Asia and Pakistan
Timeline: Seraph World
Flag-central-asia-pakistan Emblemofcentralasianrepublic
Standard of the Republic Emblem of the State
Capital Khyberopolis
Largest city Kabul
Other cities Bishkek, Dushanbe
  others Dari, Punjabi, Tajik, Kyrgyz
  others Malabar Christian
Ethnic Groups
  others Kurds, Tajiks, Kygyz, Afghan


The Central Asian Republic was formed on 23 Octorber, 1989, when the governments of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Kyrgyzstan signed a treaty to merge with each other and form a single Sikh state. Although Sikhism was founded in what was India, it was driven out by state atheism in the 1700s.

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