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República do Caribe
Timeline: Regnum Bueno

OTL equivalent: Lesser Antilles, Puerto Rico, Jamaica and Santo Domingo island
Flagwestindies Badge of Jamaica (America Type Beta)
Flag Coat of Arms

A partir de muitos, um só povo (Portuguese)

Capital Silveira (OTL: Kingston)
Largest city Santo Domingo
Other cities Porto Hespaniol (OTL: Port of Spain)

Porto dos Príncipes (OTL: Port-au-Prince) São João das Ilhas (OTL: Willemstad)

  others Regional languages
Demonym Caribbean
Government Presidential republic
Governor Danilo Medina
The Caribbean Republic or Republic of Caribe (Portuguese: República do Caribe), is a presidential democratic republic, led by Danilo Medina.

Their territories were transferred to San Paulo in 1682, after the War of the West Indies.

The country was the target of a columbian intervention during the Banana Wars, which was bombed and invaded, but soon taken up by San Paulo. In this, there was the Columbian-Paulist War.

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