Republic of Canada
Flag of Acadia (Russian America).svg Canadian Shield.png
Coat of arms
A Mari Usque Ad Mare (Latin)
The Maple Leaf Forever (O Canada is a more popular yet unofficial anthem in French communities)
Royal anthem: 
God Save The King/Queen (de-facto), La Marseillaise (Quebec)
Canada (orthographic projection).svg
CapitalToronto/Hamilton Metro Area
Largest largest city Toronto
Official languages English
Regional Languages French, Native Canadian Languages & Dialects, Spanish
Ethnic groups  White, Native American, Black
Religion Protestantism in English communities/Secular
Demonym Canadian · Quebecois (Quebec people)
Government Constitutional Parliamentary Republic
 -  Prime Minister/President Stephen Harper
 -  King George VI (figurehead)
Legislature Parliament
Independent Republic
 -  Land Area 9,984,670 km2 
3,855,103 sq mi 
 -  Water (%) 8.92%
 -  TBD census 36,048,521 (2016) 
Currency Canadian Dollar (British Pound is allowed) (CDL)
Drives on the both (left outside of Ontario & Quebec)
Calling code 519
This is just the Republic of Canada, any history before the Republic would take too long to include.


The Republic of Canada was founded on March 22nd, 1921 (demanded in 1920, but a lot had to be done to make Canada on longer bound to Britain). Canadians changed the national flag from the Dominion's old Red Ensign to the Canadian Maple Leaf and Blue Ensign (known much more as just the Maple Leaf flag). Canada still kept the Union Jack in the flag to show it's heritage and the official anthem became The Maple Leaf Forever, however in French communities Oh Canada was and still is much more popular.

World War 2

Canada was in World War 2 and over 1,500,000 Canadians would serve in the war (of a population of just over 11,000,000 people). Over 500,000 Canadian troops helped in the invasion of Fascist France.

World War 3

Canada served in World War 3 and lost nearly 1,000,000 men. Canada has since become a very peaceful nation.

Post World Wars

Canada has become a very diverse nation with many different ethnicities. Canada has the largest population of Latinos outside of Spain/Latin America/The USA. Canada also has many Blacks and Asians. Natives are becoming increasingly less common in Canada with many moving to the Northern Territories of the Yukon and the Northwest Territories, to escape the ever increasing city sizes of Canada. Canada's population growth is projected to increase drastically in the next 15 years. Canada's population is estimated to be over 55,000,000 by 2050. Canada has unrivalled healthcare and the world's greatest hockey team (like OTL).