Flag of Liberia
Independence: July 4th,1984
Government:Representative Democracy
Capital: Kingsland
President: Jeffery Carroll
Population:695,000 (2011 Estimate)
Ethinicity:78% White; 17% Black; 2% Hispanic ; 3% other
Anthem: Star Spangled Banner
Currency:Georgia Dollar

The Republic of Camden is a survivor nation located in the former US States of Georgia and Florida. The Area weathered the Pandemic better than most areas of the US, due to it rural location, and low population. It is a member of the World Assembly, and the North American Economic Union.



The first month of the outbreak did not directly effect the area. A few isolated cases were reported in nearby Jacksonville, Florida, but it was mostly overlooked. The outbreak finally hit home when thousands of refugees began pouring across the Florida State line as the Outbreak began to overrun Florida. The local government could not handle the situation, which resulted in the Federal Government forward deploying 40,000 National Guard Troops to nearby Kingsbay Submarine Base, a partially constructed US Navy Base. The Troops only managed to act as a stop gap measure in halting the refugees, and soon the whole line was collapsing as Hundreds of thousands of refugees (Many of whom where infected) began pouring across the State Line. In a act of desperation, the USS Lafayette (SSBN-616) was ordered to launch 3 ICBMs into Florida in order to halt the swarm of infected refugees. The effort worked, and within days the Swarm of Infected was reduced to a trickle, which was handled by the Military. Sadly though, by this time many other areas of the US were infected, and were being overrun. This resulted in the US Government relocating to the Rocky Mountains. Now completely on their own, the citizens and Military forces in Camden county were forced to completely close their borders, and enact a strict quarantine, which lasted until Mid Summer. Finally though,the majority of the outbreak ended in June, allowing the citizens of Camden County to open their borders, and begin to rebuild. More to come...


The economy of Camden is primarily agricultural and Lumber related, although many other industries are starting to make there mark. The main products of the agricultural business are used to feed the large population of Camden, although Camden does export significant quantities of Pecans, and Molasses. The agricultural sector also hosts the largest amount civilian sector, with 470,000, and contributing 40% of the GNP.

The Lumber Industry is another major economic sector, that makes up about 20% of the GNP, and has about 20,000 workers. The Lumber Industry had long engrained it roots in the area before the outbreak, as paper production had been the major industry of the area. During the outbreak, and after, thousands of refugees crossed into Camden to escape the outbreak, this created a huge housing crisis. The only way the Local Government officials could respond to this was by converting the then paper industry into the Lumber industry. The Lumber industry skyrocketed, as Log Cabin Villages sprung everywhere in order to meet the demand. To this day, it remains a strong Industry.

In recent years, Guano Mining has been slowly added as an industry. The lack of fertilizers for soil, and the need to replenish their Military Ammo supply resulted in the creation of five artificial islands off the coast. Called Bird islands, these "Islands" are made of wood, and have a total area of one sq mi each. Average annual production varies, but usually stays around 2000 tons a year. This economic sector currently employs around 5000 workers, and contributes about 11% of the GNP.

The Republic of Camden is a permanent member of the North American Economic Union, and is usually highly rated as a place to start and maintain a business. The average GDP is $51,789.


From day one, the Military of Camden has been a major issue. Most of the population (Minus Peace protesters) sees the need for a large military, especially since they are locked in a cold war with Cuba. Many of the older males of the population are veterans, and as such veterans benefits are another big issue. Currently, the Military operates old US equipment, but a major upgrade is planned for 2020. This is a current list of Military Bases

  • White Sands AFB - Major Air force base outside of Yule. Contains Camden's SAC Fleet of 12 B-52 H bombers on constant DEFCON Alert.
  • Kingsbay Naval Base - Camden's Ocean Fleet base, right outside of Kingsland.
  • Point Hawk AFB - Camden's Fighter and Transport force is located here, right outside of Woodbine.
  • Fort Regan - Home of Camden's 1st Infantry and 2nd Infantry division. Outside of Folkstan.
  • Fort Bush - Home of Camden's 3rd Infantry division, and Camden's Only Armoured division, the 1st Heavy Tank division.
  • Whitetail AFB - sight of Camden's Early Warning Radar, Airborne Tanker Fleet, and recon air fleet.

As of 2011,this the composition of the armed forces


The Camden Navy requires a whopping 48,000 Military and Civilians to operate. It is also the Largest Navy on the former US East Coast, and rivals the South American Union and Cuba for the Caribbean.

  • CNS Kennedy- Former US carrier USS John F Kennedy
  • CNZ Truxton- Former US Cruiser USS Truxton
  • CNZ Lafayette- Former US SSBN
  • CNZ Alexander Hamilton- Former US SSBN
  • CNZ John Adams- Former US SSBN
  • CNZ Key West- Former US SSN
  • CNZ Omaha- Former US SSN
  • CNZ Groton- Former US SSN
  • CNZ South Carolina- Former US Cruiser
  • CNZ Texas- Former US Cruiser
  • CNZ Barry- Former US Destroyer
  • CNZ Hull- Former US Destroyer
  • CNZ Barney- Former US Destroyer
  • CNZ Sampson- Former US Destroyer
  • CNZ Butte- Former US supply ship
  • CNZ Flint- Former US supply ship


The Army requires about 35,000 Military and Civilians to operate.

  • 1st Infantry Division- about 10,000 Men
  • 2nd Infantry Division- about 10,000 Men
  • 3rd Infantry Division- about 10,000 Men
  • 1st Heavy Tank Division- about 2000 Men.

Air force

The air force requires about 7000 military and civilians to operate.

  • 55 F-15 Eagles
  • 31 UH-1 Huey
  • Seven CH-47 Chinook
  • 12 B-52H
  • Eight KC-135
  • Ten EB Prowlers
  • Two SR-71 Black Birds
  • 14 A-4 Sky Hawks
  • 18 C-141 Star Lifter
  • Total of 156 Aircraft

The Military expenses were 47 Billion Georgia Dollars in 2010, which was 4.9% of the GNP. Currently, there are 80,000 Men and Woman serving in the military on active duty, and 10,000 men and women are in the reserves.


Most of Camden is Republican, with hard line conservative leaders. However, many of the minority groups are democrat. This has lead to some tension between ethnic groups, but due to their common roots in the early days of the Nation,they have kept close.


Camden's Government is almost a exact copy of the United States, with a bicameral legislature, Judicial Branch, and executive branch. The rights of the people are stated in the Constitution of Camden.

Entertainment and News

Camden National News (CNN) dominates the news service, while affiliate FOX Radio controls radio news. Currently, there are 45 TV Channels available in Camden, and 171,000 Cable Users. Cell Phones and Internet have only begun to catch on, but are expected to soon become cornerstones of Camden Life.

International Relations

Camden is currently embroiled in what many experts are calling the "New Cold War" with Cuba. Tensions are at a all time as a recent Cuban Missile Test and occupation of Jamaica has resulted in Camden establishing a blockade around the island. Many are worried this new Cuban Missile Crisis will not end good.

The Republic of Camden does however maintain great relations with the USA, and Isle Union. Relations with the FFR remain strained over a recent trade disagreement, but the friendship remains warm. In 2000, Camden helped establish the North American Economic Union, which had lead to greater cooperation between the nations of North America. Camden refused to join the World Assembly (WA) until the 2008 Elections, when candidate Jeffery Carroll of the Republican Party states he would have Camden join the WA. With the election won, he upheld his promise, and Camden joined the WA. Camden is currently planning on sending a group of Scientists to Join a WA team heading to Mexico, where no survivor nations have been reported yet.


Golf and Tennis are the main sports here. Camden all star Tiger Woods is usually ranked number one in all of the International Golfing League (IGL). The Camden Tigers Tennis Team is also a highly ranked team, winning the International Tennis League (ITL) championship in 1997 and 2010. Soccer is starting to become popular again as the International Soccer League (ISL) was recently formed in 2003, and talks of joining in are common.

Current events

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