Republic of California
Republica de California
Republic of California flag wos.png Coat of arms of California 2 (Night of the Living Alternate History).svg
Motto"Nation of Gold"
Anthem"I Love You, California"
Map of california.png
Location of California Republic (in green)
Largest city Los Angeles
Official languages English, Spanish
Membership Anglo-American Alliance
Latin Union
Government Presidential republic
 -  President Jerry Brown
 -  Vice President Gavin Newsom
 -   estimate 42,144,818 
Currency California Dollar
The Republic of California (Spanish: Republica de California) is a country located in North America. Situated on the far-eastern of the Pacific Ring of Fire, the Republic of California borders the United States to the north and the east, bordering the U.S. states of Nevada and Arizona to the east and Oregon to the north.

California is regarded as a global trendsetter in both popular culture and politics, and is the birthplace of the film industry, the hippie counterculture, the Internet, and the personal computer. The state's economy is centered on finance, government, real estate services, technology, and professional, scientific and technical business services; together comprising 58% of the state's economy. Three of the world's largest 20 firms by revenue, Chevron, Apple, and McKesson, are headquartered in the state. California's agriculture industry has one of the highest outputs in North America. California currently has the 6th largest economy in the world.

English and Spanish are the two official languages of the Republic of California.


(to be written)

During the Second World War, while California saw no combat on its soil, it sided with the Allies and sent aid and supplies to Texas in its battle against the Confederate invasion.

In the Cold War, California, along with Texas and the Confederate States of America joined the Non-Aligned Movement, headed by Yugoslavian premier Josip Broz Tito. 

It isn't until 1973, when the United States opted out of NATO, and instead wanted to form a local power bloc in North America. That same year, the Anglo-North American League was formed, founded by the United States, Confederate States and Texas. In 1974, California joined. In 1982, Canada joined the league.


The Republic of California's diversity reflects in its politics, with both social liberals and social conservatives making their marks. During its days as a U.S. state, California was known as a "swing-state", being home to both conservatives and liberals. As a result, California has received a reputation as being both one of the most conservative and right-wing nations around the world, as well as being one of the left-wing and liberal nations.

California's head of state is a president, followed by a vice president. The two most dominant political parties are the National Party, that represents conservative and right-wing politics, and the People's Party, which represents left-wing politics.

Army and Law Enforcement

The Californian Armed Forces (Spanish: Fuerzas Armas de California) provide the country with its armed defenses, which is a descendant of the California National Guard. It is divided into the Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard. It is considered a major military power, and the second-most powerful in North America, above that of Canada and Texas.

The California National Police (Spanish: Policía Nacional de California) is the country's national law enforcement. It is descended from several branches of American law enforcement agencies that operating within the then-U.S. State of California. Active personnel that chose to remain in California became integrated into the California National Police. The Republic of California is renowned for having some of the world's toughest law enforcement and police. The culture of California's law enforcement is known for its Wild West-style. The death penalty is currently active in California, which was enacted into law by former president Arnold Schwarzenegger of the National Party back in 2004. 

Ethnic groups

California is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world. Caucasians and whites currently comprise of 34.4% of the total population, while Hispanics comprise 29.6% of the total population. Along with Texas and the United States, California has one of the biggest Hispanic populations in North America outside of Latin America proper. However, the inclusion of California into Latin America has beeen a contreversial topic, with right-wing and Christian right groups proclaiming that California is an Anglo-North American nation, much like the United States, Confederate States, Canada and Texas. Left-wing and Christian left groups claim that California is part of Latin America, and that its history as a Spanish and Mexican territory far supersedes that of its history as an American state. Other parties of  a diverse range on the political spectrum claim that California is "neither" part of Latin America or Anglo-America, espousing a nationalistic view.

The next two groups include Asian-Californians and African-Californians. Of the Asian-Californian community, which comprises 14.3%, Koreans constitute the majority, however large and noticeable communities of Chinese, Indian, Filipino, Pakistani, Japanese, Manchurian, Vietnamese, Cambodian and Indonesian communities could be found. Many of the Indonesians are either Chinese-Indonesians, mixed or Native Indonesians, many of whom fled Indonesia during the dictatorship of Suharto.

Of the African-Californian community, many come from a diverse number of backgrounds, often difficult to trace. Many of them were of the African American community when California was as U.S. state.

Other ethnic groups include Middle Eastern ethnic groups such as the Jewish and Arab communities. 


Currently, English and Spanish are the two official languages of California. 

Other widely spoken languages include Chinese, Filipino and Hindi.


The Republic of California has a diverse melting pot of religions. Currently, Roman Catholicism is the largest single denomination, accounting for approximately 43.5% of the population. Protestantism (including all sections such as Baptism, Methodist, Lutheran, Seventh-Day Adventist etc.), as well as Evangelicals, Non-Denominationals, Mormons, Jehovah's Witness, and Iglesia ni Kristo account for 30%.The Christians of California are known to be one of the most heavily religious people in the world, with very high observance rates. During a 2014 BBC Poll, 60.7% of Californians stated that religion is "very" important in their lives. California also is renowned for having one of the world's largest Atheist, Agnostic and irreligious population - at 22%. The other 5% belong to other faiths, such as Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Bahá'í Faith and traditional indigenous Native American religion.

Freedom of religion is allowed and guaranteed by California's Constitution.

Satanism controversy

In 2010, California's freedom of religion was tested. Harold McWilliam, a Satanist and leader of a Satanic convention was denied permits by the Shasta County Court to buy building in the small rural town of Salisbury, where he and his family lived. The building he had intended on buying a small white church, that had already been sold. After suing the Shasta County Court as well as the Salisbury Township, McWilliam had lost the battle. He accused California's government of being "biased" in favor of non-Satanists. Californian officials stated that they were "concerned" with some of the practices of McWilliams' movement. However, McWilliam offered to show them and prove that they were not involved in any suspicious or illegal activity. Christian right groups in particular, supported the Shasta County Court's decision. 

Islam countreversy

Amid the situation with the rise of ISIS in the Middle East, the Republic of California once-more received scrutinty, as a result of alleged bombings, raids and demolitions of mosques done behind public awareness, in an act of anti-Islamism. Similarly, the Republic of Texas was also known to have been carrying out a similar pogrom. The Californian government refused to respond to these.

More contrevoursy followed when there were reports of Californian soldiers raiding mosques and Muslim homes, and forcibly converting Muslims or face punishment by deportation. In 2013, approximately 93 Muslims were detained and deported, another 103 in 2014. The Californian government claims that the people deported were "suspected" terrorists, and had taken part in terrorist activity. 

However, the Californian government ignored demands by civil rights groups to disclose evidence for terrorist activity.

Iglesia ni Kristo contrevoursy

In 2010, around the time the Satanism issue was happening, a group of Filipino-Californians were repeatedly denied by the public services administrations to establish a church plant of the Iglesia ni Kristo in California. The Filipino-Californian community accused the public administrations of ethnic and religious discrimination. It took five years of debating and arguing, and in 2015, the Iglesia ni Kristo was finally allowed to open its first church plant in Los Angeles. 


The Republic of California currently boasts the world's 6th largest economy. Due to the abundance of gold in California, it is one of the world's top gold exporters. Major trading partners include the United States, Canada and the Republic of Texas. 

Along with gold, California is also an exporter of oranges as agriculture is one of California's biggest outputs. In 2007, California signed a deal with the Republic of Texas, known as the California-Texas Agricultural Trade Agreement, or "Texicali". This deal promised good trade relations between the agriculture industries of both nations, with California exporting oranges to Texas, which in turn exports cattle products to California. The technology industry of California is one of the most impressive and powerful, with major companies such as Apple, Google, Chevron operating in California. 

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