Republic of California
Республика Калифорнии
República de California

Timeline: Weird America

OTL equivalent: California and parts of Nevada
Flag Coat of Arms
WA map3
Location of Republic of California (Black)
(and largest city)
Fort Ross
Russian, Spanish, English
  others Ukrainian, Polish
Religion Russian Orthodox, Roman Catholicism, various Protestant denominations
Demonym Californian
Government Federal parliamentary republic
  legislature National Assembly
President Henry Smith
Prime Minister Yelena Gomez
Population 30,367,818 
Independence from Russia
  declared 1917
  recognized 1921
Currency Californian Ruble

The Republic of California was originally a Russian colony that went by the name of Русская Калифорния or Russia California. The land was purchased from the Republic of Mexico for the equivalent of $4 million in 1825. It was originally designed to serve as a penal colony much like parts of Australia did for the British. Many political prisoners were sent there which in time led to the colony becoming a centre for democratic change within the Russian Empire. In the aftermath of the Great European War a revolution took place in Калифорния as was happening within other parts of the Empire. After the overthrow of Tsar Mikhail IV the new democratic Russian government had more to deal with closer to home and in a decision which proved controversial with some elements of the Army decided to grant independence to Калифорния.




The National Assembly is divided into two chambers the Duma and the Senate. The head of Government or Prime Minister is the leader of the party or coalition of parties that holds a majority of seats in the Duma. The Duma has 150 members, each representing around 200,000 people whereas the Senate has 50 members, one for each raion. Each oblast has a unicameral Assembly and each raion has a unicameral Council. The leader of each oblast is a Governor and the leader of each raion is a Mayor. 

The head of state or President is a directly elected but largely ceremonial position. The current president, Henry Smith is the first holder of the office not to be of Russian or Mexican origin

List of Prime Minsiters

List of Presidents


California is divided into four regions or Oblasts which further divided into districts or Raions.  The regions/oblasts are

  • Northern California
  • Central California
  • Southern California
  • Fort Ross  (which consists of the capital city and several surrounding raions).

Each oblast has a state capital which is, in effect a raion and there are several other cities throughout the nation which also serve as raions.

Political Parties

There are five political parties represented in the Duma or Senate or even both:

  • Constitutional Democrat Party (This liberal party began as the California branch of the Russian party of the same name).
  • Conservative Party of California (Like the Constitutional Democrats this conservative party began as a branch of a Russian party, in this case the Union of 17 October, commonly known as the Octobrists.
  • California Socialist Party (This party was formed in the late 40s when several members of the Constitutional Democrats thought that their party was insufficiently sympathetic to the demands of working class Californians
  • Californian Monarchist League (This party was formed by right-wing members of the CPC when that party decided to remove the belief that California should be a constitutional monarchy from the party constitution. According to the CML the rightful monarch of California would be Grand Duke Dimitri Alexandrovich, great-grandson of Tsar Mikhail IV).
  • Alliance For Canadian Interests (This party represents Californians of Canadian descent. As could be imagined their strength is in those areas of Northern California that border Canadian and in fact the Alliance controls several raions in that area.

There are several other parties which are only represented at oblast and raion level


Elections take place at each governmental level once every four years.

Law and Order

International relations






In the most recent census around 70% of the population of Canada claimed to have some form of religious affiliation:

  • Californian Orthodox Church 40%
  • Roman Catholic Church 30%
  • Protestant denominations 20%
    • Anglican
    • Baptist
    • Methodist
    • Presbyterian
    • Lutheran
    • Others
  • Latter Day Saints  5%
  • Other faiths 5%



Art and Literature



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