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Republic of California (Land of Empires)

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Republic of California
캘리포니아 공화국
Japanese California Flag.png Flag of California (Land of Empires).png
MottoAmazing, Beautiful, California
Royal anthemKimigayo
Republic of California.png
CapitalSan Francisco
Largest city Los Angeles
Official languages Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English
Ethnic groups  East Asians (Chinese, Korean, Japanese; 51.75%), Africans (9%), White and Hispanic (33%)
Demonym Californian
Membership World Defense Federation
Government Parliamentary semi-presidential republic under a constitutional monarchy
 -  Emperor Akihito
 -  President Chizuko Kagiyama
 -  Prime Minister Soichiro Morimoto
Legislature Californian National Council
 -  Independence from the USA 1945 
Currency Californian Yen (¥) (CLY)
Time zone California Standard Time (UTC-8:00)
Drives on the left
Internet TLD .cal
Calling code +10

The Republic of California is a sovereign nation in North America. 


California's legislature is the Californian National Council, with the Upper House called the House of Representatives with 40 members, and Lower House called the House of Councillors with 80 members.


Long Beach, Republic of California at night

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