Republic of Brazil
Timeline: Regnum Bueno
Flag of Brazil (Paranhos project) Brazilimperialblason
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Brazil

Ordem, Independência e Progresso! (Portuguese)
("Order, Independence, and Progress!")

Anthem "Hino Nacional Brasileiro"
Capital Salvador da Bahia
Largest city Rio de Janeiro
Other cities Belen


  others Dutch
Religion Secular state
Government Presidential constitutional republic
President Luiz Antônio Pezão
Area 5,517,608 km²
Population 139,735,000 hab.
Independence from Kingdom of Portugal
  declared 7 September 1785
  recognized 9 July 1789
Currency Cruzeiro
Time Zone BRT (UTC−2 to −5)
  summer BRST (UTC−2 to −5)
Calling Code +57
Internet TLD .br
Organizations UN (WTO), Mercosulam, OAS, CPLP, Aladi, OTCA, Unasur, CI-A, UL e OIE.
Brazil, officially the Republic of Brazil (Portuguese: República do Brasil); (Dutch: Republiek van Brazilië); (French: République du Brésil), is the most largest country in both South America and the Latin American region.

It is the world's sixth-largest country in geographical area and the tenth-largest country by population.

It is the second largest Portuguese-speaking country in the world, one of the three who speak portuguese in the America.



State Abbr. Capital
Bahia BA Juazeiro
Belen-Mer BM Belen
Ciara CI Nieuw Amsterdam
Distrito-Capital DC Salvador
Freterikstad FS Freterikstad
Gurgueia GA Alvorada
Ilhéus IL Ilhéus
Maragnon MA St. Louis
Mauritsstad MS Mauritsstad
Nassau-Siegen NS Keulen
Piauí PI Teresina
Rio de Janeiro RJ Rio de Janeiro
São Francisco SF Barreiras

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