The Islamic Socialist Republic of Bangsamoro ( Bangsa: Ang Islamiyang Sosyalistang Republika ng Bangsamoro, Bahasa Melayu: Islamiyya Republik Sosialis Bangsamoro Darussalam Jawi: اسلاميييا ريڤوبليک سوسياليس بڠسامورو دارالسلام) is a sovereign state located in south east asia in the Philippine Archipelago. To its north is the Philippines, To its South is Indonesia, To its West is the South China Sea where lies vietnam and to its East is the West Philippine Sea/ West Bangsamoro Sea. The Country is categorized into 4 Geographical divisions, Palawan, Mindanao,Sulu Archipelago and Sabah. The Whole Country is made up of 3,000 Islands ( Estimated ) that makes it an archipelago. The Center of the Country is Cotabato City.

Main Information

Name: Islamic Socialist Republic of Bangsamoro

Motto: Isang Bayan,Isang Diyos,Isang Lahi at Isang Diwa.

Anthem: Bangsamoro,Bangsamoro.

Capital: Islamic City of Jambangan

Official Languages: Bangsa ( Tagalog ), Bahasa Melayu and Arabic

Ethnic Groups:  Bisaya, Tausug, Maranao, Maguindanao, Yakan, Sama, Badjao, Iranun, Kalagan, Sangil, Mapun, Palawani, Molbog, Kalibogan, Tboli, Bagabo, B'laan, Bukidnonun, Tagakaulo, Manobo, Subanon, Higaonon, Mamanwa, Mandaya, Mansaka, Tagabawa, Tasaday and Bahasa Indonesia

Optional Languages: Spanish and English

Demonym: Moro

Government: Unitary Presidential, Constitutional Republic, Islamic Monarchy

- President: J.M Abdul Aziz

- Vice President: Nur Misuari

- Monarchs

  • Sultanate of Sulu and Sabah: Ismael Kiram II
  • Sultanate of Maguindanao: Muhammad Faisal Abdul-karim 
  • Sultanate of Buayan: Mohammad Sarip
  • Sultanate of Tagoloan: Sayyed Palambang
  • Confederate of Lanao Sultanate: Ampayao Karim

'L'egislature: Congress

- Upper House: Rumah Bichara (Senate)

- Lower House: Rumah Pambangsa (House of Representatives)

Independence: Indendence from the Philippines and the United States

-Established: 1250

-Declared: March 20, 1970

- Self-Government: August 31, 1987

- Regognized by the UN: September 1, 1987

- Current Constitution: October 31, 1975


- Total: 185,811 Km2

Population: 18,500,000 (2014 Estimate)

Currency: Bangsamoro Ringgit


The Name Bangsamoro comes from the Spanish word Moro and from the Melayu word Bangsa, which means a "Nation". During the Spanish invasion of Mindanao, they have encountered some of the indigenous people which were the Muslims, due to the long history of the Spanish with removing the Moors which they had called as Moro from the Iberian peninsula, they have deciced to call the native Muslims in Mindanao as Moros because the religion of the indigenous Muslims was Islam which was the same with their former enemies, the Moors.

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