Republic of Azerbaijan
Azərbaycan Xalq Cümhuriyyəti
Flag of Azerbaijan 1918.svg Emblem of Azerbaijan.svg
Azerbaijan in Axis Triumph.png
Azerbaijan in 1945
Largest city Baku
Official languages Azerbaijani
Demonym Azerbaijani
Government Parliamentary republic
 -  President Abbas Bey Atamalibekov
Legislature Azerbaijani National Council
 -  Declaration 3 November 1942 
 -   estimate 8,343,520 
Currency Reichsmark

The Republic of Azerbaijan was a German puppet government set up in the former Azerbaijani SSR after the defeat of the Soviet Union in World War II. It was set up by a former Azerbaijani Legion member, Abbas Bey Atamalibekov, who served on the Eastern Front.

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