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Republic of Australia (Treaty of Friendship, Commerce, and Navigation)

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Republic of Australia
Timeline: Treaty of Friendship, Commerce, and Navigation

OTL equivalent: Australia
Flag 1037 Coat of Arms of Australia
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Republic of Australia

God and my Right (English)

Anthem "Advance Australia Fair"
Capital Sydney
Largest city Sydney
Other cities Perth, Melbourne, several others.
  others German, Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean
  others Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Taoism, Shinto
Ethnic Group Western Euro, Eastern Euro, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean
Demonym Australian
Government Republic
  legislature Parliament of Australia
President John Wilkes
Area 2,941,299 sq mi km²
Population 20,790,000 
Currency Australian Pound

The Republic of Australia is a large country just South of the Japanese Empire. It is part of the Entente Alliance.

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