In the 1860s, Russia was having trouble profiting off of the fur trading. However, when Russia offered Canada a deal of 2.9 million USD, Canada doesn't accept, being a new nation.

Soon, the colony became half American and half Russian in population, and this led to a civil war in 1894. The people of Alyeska were in need of having a republic, similar to that of the US set up, and the Russians lost Alyeska only 2 years later, believing they would be better off without it, anyway. Soon, a draft was set for a constitution, and in 1889, Alyeska became the Republic of Alyeska.

Alyeska throughout the 1900s

During the early 1900s, Alyeska became friends with many American nations, like the US, Canada, and even Mexico for a short while before WW1. The Republic even became close trading partners with Japan. While mainly exporting fish, the Alyeskans did have a small market for fur trading and taxed hunting. It was also a tourist spot for rich Americans who wanted a break from their modern life. Trade didn't flourish, but it was well enough for Alyeska to survive. A major problem was infertile lands. A lack of crop growing led to many food shortages in the first 15 years. Trade remained the only thing that kept them alive.


In 1916, many Alyeskans wanted to side on the Axis powers to commence an attack on Russia, but the wise and young president at the time, John Timeman, decided against the radicals, no entered the war on the side of the allies very early on. Riots lined the streets, people were acting chaotic, and the president had 3 assassination attempts on him in just 4 months.

In 1917, when America entered the war as an Ally, Alyeska was overjoyed that they were Allies. Overall, the war barely required Alyeska to help militarily, but it did improve relations with the Russians. Soon they would become close trade partners, even if nationalists were against the trade agreements.

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