The Republic of Albania was a short-lived state in the Balkan Peninsula that existed from January 1, 1970 until its union with Turkey in September of 1971. The territory constituting Albania was part of the Serbian Confederacy from 1960-1964 and part of the Serbian Republic from 1964-1970. Starting in 1967, Muslim-majority Albanian rebels fought back against the Christian-majority Serbian government, supported by Turkish weapons and American advisors in the Serbian Civil War. With a peace agreement and secession secured in 1969, Albania became an independent state at the beginning of 1970, with reunification with Turkey in mind. A diplomatic standoff ensued following Albania's request for admission into Turkey in late 1970, with France threatening war should Albania reunite with Turkey. However, American pressure eventually led to Albanian reabsorption, causing the watershed of Turkey annexing various Balkan states in the early 1970's.

The President of Albania for the duration of its existence was Enver Halil Hoxha, who had led the Albanian revolutionaries against Serbia as well. Hoxha would become Wali of Albania until his death in 1985. The Albanian capital was located at Tirana, as is its current provincial capital.

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