Republic of Aceh
كاورجاون اچيه دارالسلام (Keurajeuën Acèh Darussalam)
Timeline: The Purple Mantle

OTL equivalent: several Indonesian territories
Flag of the Aceh Sultanate
Anthem "National Anthem of the Republic of Aceh"
Capital Kutaraja
Largest city Kutaraja
  others Malay, Arabic
  others Hinduism, Budism
Ethnic Groups
  others Sumatran, Batak, Minangkabau, Dutch
Demonym Acehnese
Government Unitary Republic
  legislature National Assembly
President Ali Mudan Syah
Area 989,481 km2 
Established 1520
Currency Syili
Time Zone UTC +7 hours
Internet TLD .ah

Initially a Sultanate centered in the Sumatra Island. It was a major regional power in the 16th and 17th centuries, before experiencing a long period of decline, and evolving into a modern Republic.


Aceh early history is unclear, but it was likely founded by the Cham people.

XV century:

1496: The ruler of Aceh converted to Islam 

XVI century:

1520: The Sultanate was founded by Ali Mughayat Syah, who began campaigns to extend his control over northern Sumatra.

1571: Sultan Alauddin al-Kahar extended the domains farther south into Sumatra, but was less successful in his attempts to gain a foothold across the strait, though he made several attacks on both Johor and Malacca

1599: A Dutch captain, Cornelius Houtman arrived at "Acheen" aboard the Lioness as the first of three planned voyages to the East Indies. The crew stayed for three months acquiring pepper and other spices. 

XVII century:

1602: The Byzantine Western Trading Company manages to create several outposts in the Sultanate of Aceh territories, creating common embassies with the Sultanate.

1607: Sultan Iskandar Muda came into power. He extended the Sultanate's control over most of Sumatra.



Political divisions

Aceh subdivisions


Flora and Fauna




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