The Republic Trade Routes, usually addressed as just the Trade Routes, was a network of cargo and passenger ships that transported people and goods between Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania, and later large proportions of Indonesia. They were established following the Invasion of New Zealand.

The Trade Routes were essential during the Indonesian wars, as many were used as battleships against the defending forces, as well as transports to carry troops to the front line.

At its peak, over a thousand ships operated in the Routes. Each member of the Council was permitted to own their own personal ship, a privilege reserved only for them. Usually, a ship had to have several owners so that it was more difficult to buy them. This meant that they were never bought by a rich, ignorant man (woman were not permitted to own ships) who would waste it - instead, it would be put to productive use. These ideals were the driving force of the routes, and the main reason that they were so successful.

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