Ren Yuandao
Died 23 June 1958
Beijing, China
Allegiance Flag of the Republic of China Republic of China
Flag of the Republic of China-Nanjing (Peace, Anti-Communism, National Construction) Reorganized National Government
Service/branch Republic of China Army Flag National Revolutionary Army
Flag of the Republic of China-Nanjing (War Ensign) Chinese National Army
Rank Admiral
Commands held Flag of the Republic of China-Nanjing (Naval Jack) Chinese Navy
Battles/wars Second Sino-Japanese War
Awards Order of the Rising Sun

Ren Yuandao was a Chinese admiral and collaborator during the Second Sino-Japanese War, in which he commanded the naval forces of the Chinese collaborationist government.


Ren joined the navy of the Republic of China in 1930. He was promoted to ensign in 1933, and to lieutenant in 1935. The next year, Ren served as a military attaché to Japan, after which he was promoted to captain and given command of a destroyer. When the Japanese began attacking China, Ren saw little action, as the coast was taken over quickly by the Japanese, and the Imperial Japanese Navy dominated the sea.

In 1940, his base was taken over, and he surrendered his vessel. For this, he was awarded by being taken to Nanjing, where Ren met with members of the collaborationist Reorganized National Government. Meeting with President Wang Jingwei, Ren was promoted to admiral and given command of the collaborationist navy. He saw no action during the war, as the navy played no part, other than supply runs to the coastal areas near combat zones. In 1945, when the war ended with a Japanese victory, the collaborationist army was reformed into the Chinese National Army, and Ren remained the naval chief. He held the position until his retirement in 1950, managing to turn the Chinese navy into a capable force during his leadership, capable of defending China's coastline.

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