• July: Comet Shoemaker Levy 9 is fractured into three pieces when it enters Jupiter's gravity. Two of the larger pieces impact onto the surface of Jupiter, but the smallest fragment is accelerated by the planet's gravity toward Earth.
  • September: NASA leaks the information about the comet fragment to the press. Dan Rather is the first to deliver the story on CBS. The public reaction is utter hysteria, and within 48 hours a state of anarchy has ensued across the planet.
  • November: President Clinton institutes martial law across most of the United States, and recalls all troops from across the globe to help maintain social order. The UN Secretary General declares the first global state of emergency.
  • December: World leaders convene in New York to discuss possible solutions to deter the comet. Dr. Carolyn S. Shoemaker, the comet's co-discoverer and bearer of bad news, professes to the council that there is nothing that can be done. The comet has accelerated to a point in which no amount of force can deter it's course, and any form of shelter would be useless with the level of destruction that would be brought on. As the assembly breaks into chaos, Dr. Anatoly Perminov of the Russian Space Agency stands up to state that if every nuclear weapon were detonated on the comet's surface, the force of the blast would be strong enough as dictated by computer models, to slow the speed of the comet and somewhat reduce its mass to mitigate the effects of the impact. General Colin Powell of the Joint Chiefs reveals that if that were the case, the US has some fifteen subterranean fallout shelters designed to last a minimum of thirty years underground with food and supplies for fifty thousand people apiece.


  • President Clinton's popularity is at an all-time low when it is discovered that he personally covered up the comet, and ordered that General Powell be removed from the Joint Chiefs for revealing to the world the fallout shelters.
  • President Boris Yeltsin of Russia reveals that the Soviet Union had also constructed a series of bomb shelters during the Cold War, and offers asylum to certain European scientists.
  • China reveals the Long March tunnels constructed with funds from the Soviets.


  • President Clinton loses his re-election to General Powell, and is removed from office for abuse of power.
  • Congress passes an emergency 28th Amendment giving General Powell executive office early for winning the election during the current president's impeachment.
  • President Powell begins The Ark Project, directing the US Census bureau to find every American under 40 who is not a VIP, and determine his or her status for entrance into the shelters.
  • The leaders of all nuclear powers launch their ordnance at the comet, its mass is reduced by one third, and its velocity is cut in half.
  • In a gesture of unity President Yeltsin signs the Unified Europe treaty, uniting all of Europe and Russia as a single nation.
  • Taiwan, after revealing their shelters, allows Japanese citizens entrance into the Eternal Freedom Tunnels.


  • January: As the comet becomes visible to the naked eye, riots around the world reach their pinnacle. In London, Parliament is burnt to the ground by hordes of angry Britons who were denied entrance into the old Soviet Vaults. In the Cascades, the National Guard is forced to place tanks around the entrances to the Washington Shelter in order to hold off the hordes of angry citizens. In Mecca, the Muslim world holds the largest prayer session in history, and in Vatican City Pope John Paul II gives a sermon declaring, "Armageddon is upon us." The worst riot of them all is on the US-Mexican border where President Powell was forced to order a tactical nuclear strike, just to keep the millions of Mexican citizens from trying to flood over the border to break into the Texas Shelter.
  • April: Comet Shoemaker Levy 9 impacts Earth in the Indian Ocean. Within nine hours a wave two mile high has washed over India, Africa and South East Asia. The blast sends millions of tons of dust and rock into the atmosphere creating a blanket of ash that will block out the sun for half a decade. The world is sent into a new Ice Age, and a quite darkness consumes the Earth.
  • June: The majority of all flora and fauna have died on the surface of the Earth.


  • March: Though temperatures still hover in the 50s on the equator, the first shelters re-open. President Powell, after being re-elected in 2001, announces that the dawn has finally arrived.
  • May: The first settlement in Houston begins to grow with farms and a city of 300,000 (extended due to the short wait in the shelters.) It is named New Houston.
  • June: Moscow Vault opens with 235,000. Shanghai Tunnel follows with over a million people.
  • August: North Korea shocks the world by opening the tunnels in the mountains of their land. The single tunnel, while cramped and unfit for most livestock, carried half of the nation's population of 23 million people, making North Korea the most populous nation on Earth.


  • Al Gore, having dissented from Clinton and championed the reconstruction of the environment during the crisis, is elected President of the United States.
  • Vladimir Putin is elected President of the Pan-European Alliance.
  • North Korea retakes South Korea, and announces the creation of the People's Empire of Korea.


  • New Houston is officially made the provisional capitol of the United States. It is one of twenty two new US cities.
  • Moscow becomes the Official Capitol of Europe.
  • Taiwan opens its vaults, and rebuilds Taipei.
  • The Korean Empire invades Japan.


  • The UN convenes for the first time since the disaster. In New Houston, Former President Powell is appointed ambassador to the US and speaks about reclaiming former territory. The Korean Empire professes that they should be given the most, because of their enormous population.


  • The DC Shelter re-opens, the US congress in New Houston votes to immediately begin rebuilding the Capitol and move the Official US Capitol back to DC by 2010, and grant the city statehood.
  • The Pan-European Union begins sending colonists to Rome.
  • Republic of China begins colonization of the Philippines, and reorganizes itself as the Republic of Taiwan. The Japanese refugees in Taiwan are granted full citizenship to the Republic upon its creation. The nation is finally given recognition by the PRC.


  • Provisional Governor of Washington DC, Barack Obama, calls for the massive infusion of infrastructure spending to rebuild American cities.
  • President Gore signs the Transportation Reconstruction Act, calling for the creation of Maglev rail lines linking all US cities together.
  • The Korean Empire invades Mongolia. China condemns the act, but is unable to retaliate with their current situation.
  • The US begins reconstruction of the Kennedy Launch Facility with the intent to begin reconstructing the global communications satellite network.
  • The Pan-European Union begins its New Europa project. The goal is to rebuild every historical European city and its monuments within a decade.
  • President Gore wins his re-election


  • The People's Republic of China begins moving into South East Asia.
  • The first US recon team arrives in Los Angeles, they begin salvage efforts.