Second Crusade

Remnant War





Crusader States, Abbasid Caliphate


Crusader States expand retaking Abbasid Territory


Crusader States

Abbasid Caliphate


European Monarchies

Abbasid Caliph


Crusader States


European Volunteers


Casualties and Losses



The Remnant War was a conflict of attrition, starting at the end of the Second Crusade. European Nations, not wishing to send armies back with the likelihood of conflict to raise its head again soon and not willing to lose out on the bounty and land it would offer established the Crusader States, largely out of territory of the Byzantine Empire which was forced to house and feed these armies or face being left to be finished off and slaughtered.

Crusaders spared no time in restarting hostilities and continued low level conflict with the Abbasids taking control of villages and towns when possible. The low level conflict would last a number of years, with Crusaders retaking land from the Abbasids but keeping control of it themselves rather than handing it back to the struggling Byzantine Empire. The conflict would become better known for its pillaging than its battles, being made up of skirmishes of town militia's and what armies the Abbasids could afford to keep running around the border settlements.

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