Rembert-Cabal Aeronautics
Former type Airship design, manufacture and research
Headquarters Saint Marlo, France


Two figures were key to the foundation of the company, each holding a 50% stake. They were Loïc Rembert and Marzhin Cabal.

On the 3rd August 1870 the two men bought a newly constructed farmhouse (Otl Les Poulders), 6 miles from Saint Malo, the land around it and several Prometheus engines. From there they began work on an airship with which to launch their company.

Prototypes: Qui sont ces hommes fous?Edit

The residents of St. Malo eventually became accostumed to loud explosions going off at random and inconvinient hours of the day (or night for that matter). The people put up with it suprisingly well, the only period of trouble coming after a loud explosion at 2 o'clock in the morning on the 12th of December 1870, which resulted in Loïc Rembert being cautioned by the Garde champêtre and ordered not to cause any more distruption for six months. "This [wrote Rembert in his biography] was easily solved. I let Marzhin do the night-shifts."

Success: 8th February 1872Edit

The day dawned bright and clear. The 'Esprit de France' was hauled out into the yard at first light. Preparations were completed just as the town of Saint Malo was leaving for work. Rembert and Cabal climbed into the gondola and launched. The airship flew. Not only did it fly, it flew superbly. The airship made a round trip of 15 miles, an unprecedented amount, covering the distance in two hours. Saint Malo stopped work as the airship flew over the town for half an hour.

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