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You take up Il Duce's offer to remain in Italy, and you are given a small home in the southern Italian countryside, where you become a moderately successful wine brewer. You become a respected member of the small community you live in, and you marry a local girl, and become a father of two boys and a girl. You continue to prosper, but you still remember killing the man that could have destroyed the world, if given the chance. But the situation in Europe appears peaceful when you pass away at the age of 71 in 1968, and you are thankful that Mussolini never had to call on you.

Despite the Great Stock Market Crash of 1929, Germany and most of Europe remains a democracy: even Italy becomes more liberal as Mussolini ages. Without a strong Nazi Party, the Weimar Republic continues to function, although it appears highly unstable by the number of coalitions created. Eventually, in 1935, with economic recovery no where in sight, the Western democracies at last lift the repressive clauses of the Treaty of Versailles, and Germany soon establishes itself as an economically and militarily powerful bulwark against totalitarianism and Communism, and helps to lift all of Europe out of depression, and the return to prosperity by 19

Stalin hesitates on his chance to invade the West, before Germany rearms. However, he missed it, and instead tries to focus on building the Soviet State. But without any serious threat from Europe, the deprivations of the Five Year Plans become too much. When the attempted purge of the Officer Corps in 1937 is instead met by a military coup, Stalin is forced out and shot. The Five Year Plan is brought to an end, and a program similar to Lenin's New Economic Policy is brought in. The Soviet Union becomes an economic powerhouse, rivaling the United States, and becomes a leader in European affairs.

A year before you die, a European Union is established, with Italy, Britain, France, Germany and the Soviet Union as the five main powers. Together, they formed a closer economic and political structure, and soon a "United States of Europe" becomes a real possibility. War, except against rogue states in decolonized Africa and Asia, is a thing of the past.


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