There are several faiths and doctrines in the Rasheen Kingdom, these are the most important in terms of numbers of adepts.


'L'Massá Symbol

L'Kotyma's Symbol

Originally of the Lands of Err-debá, it's the most ancient religious creed. It's highly animistic and bows for a more deeper and intimated relationship between the Pouliá and nature itself, with little to no intervention of other people. They believe in the "Takmosú" or "Circle of Transmigration", It barely possess a clerical cast, since it doesn't believe in the necessity of religious hierarchies or institutions. Ascendants worshiping is one of the most common practices, along with the worshiping of traditional L'Kotima Deities.

Sāta lōgōṁ kō

Sāta lōgōṁ kō Symbol

Sāta lōgōṁ kō's Seven Pointed Star

Originally from the Continent of Pūrvī, it's the result of several faiths united under a syncretism process. It's a full-fledged religion formed and regulated in Orders and Organizations to fulfill its spiritual and institutional needs. Its main belief is the Seven Circles of Life or "Sāta Sarkilōṁ" in which one may end up after death according his/her Good Merits (Sadācāra) or Bad Merits (Aparādha), these are not just worlds to end up after death, but also mind states in which a Pouliá lingers.

the Sāta Sarkilōṁ

  • Dōzakha (Hell)
  • Bhūkha ātmā (Hungry Spirits)
  • Jānavarōṁ (Inferior sentient creatures)
  • Pouliá
  • Pavitra Pouliá (Holy Pouliá)
  • Yōd'dhā ātmā (Warrior Spirits)
  • Dēvatā'ōṁ (Divine Gods)



Śikṣā's symbol

More a philosophy than a Religion, this doctrine seeks the "enlightenment" through the ethical and meditational ways that led a Poulía to release itself from its sufferings in life, to reach a mental and absolute state known as "Rihā'ī". Was founded by Śyhānty Yōd'dhā, the first "Śikṣādiyā" (Enlightened) from the Sainika Cast in the Continent of Pūrvī, and it originally based on the Sāta lōgōṁ kō faith. The way to reach such release is through the seven noble paths as well as the Four Pillars of Truth.

The Four Pillars of Truth.

  • No existence is Absent of unsatisfactory or Suffering, this is called "Pīṛā".
  • Every element that causes this Pīṛā has a point of Origin.
  • To Find such Point of Origin is to understand the Pīṛā, and to put and end to this point of origin is to put an end to the Pīṛā itself.
  • To reach the cessation of Pīṛā the path is the "Seven Noble Paths".



L'Massa's Symbol

Created during the final stage of the "Modern Days", L'Massá (The Path) is more an ideology than a religion. Inspired heavily by the Śikṣā doctrine, It bows for a perfection of every Rasheen-ká by its own merits and self improvement in a peaceful and respectful environment. They believe in a world where science and technology can be mixed with mysticism and magic, and where rationality is a precious device. Currently this is the official religion, practiced by the majority of the government, the Royal House of Saqqür included. Cosmos regulates the universe, animals and everything through harmony. changing this, would cause grave problems.