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Most Popular Religions, 2012

Religion Primary Regions Number of Followers
1. Augustinism Roman Federation 2,576,000,000
2. Buddhism China, India, Burma 1,564,000,000
3. Afrochristianity Africum 1,012,000,000
4. Islam Arabium 828,000,000
5. Hinduism India, Dravidia 552,000,000
6. Paradism Elysium 460,000,000
7. Quetzalism Aztexa, Toltexa 276,000,000
8. Nordism Norvega, Celtobrittania 230,000,000
9. Taoism Manchuria 184,000,000
10. Judaism Israel, Baltica 46,000,000
11. Other 368,000,000
12. Non-believers 1,288,000,000
Total World Pop 9,200,000,000

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