The religious makeup of the world is incredibly different. Since end of WW3 (Post-Doomsday) and Later Post-Bioweapon outbreak, Most of the Mainstream religions survived with new Two Mainstream religions come out after end of WW3 along several new religions after Bio-Weapon outbreak afterward.

Mainstream Religions

Abrahamic/Semitic Religion


  • Western Christianity
    • Roman Catholic
    • Protestant (Included: Anglican, Baptist, Methodist, etc)
    • Carolinan/Southern Orthodoxy (Technically Protestant put it's connected to Greek Orthodox Church and almost model after Byzantine Rite with Western feeling)
    • Evangelicalism
    • New Christian Movements (Induced: Mormonism, Christan Science, and Moonies)
  • Eastern Christianity
    • Eastern Orthodoxy (Included: Coptic/Orientitonal Orthodoxy)
      • Greek Orthodoxy
      • Turkish Orthodoxy
      • Slavic Orthodoxy (Induced: Russian, Ukrainian, Georgian, etc.)
      • Syrian Orthodoxy
      • Ethiopian Orthodoxy
      • Ethirean Orthodoxy
    • Eastern Catholic
      • Eastern Greek Catholic
      • Eastern Ukrainian Catholic
      • Eastern Russian Catholic
    • Nestorian


  • Pre-Doomsday Judaism
  • Post-Doomsday Judaism
    • Post-Judaism
    • New Jewish Movements


  • Classic Islam
    • Sunni Islam
    • Shia Islam
    • Ibadi Islam
  • Modern Islam
    • Nation of Islam (Semi-islamic faith with ideological elements of Black Supremacy)
  • Post-Doomsday Islam
    • New Islamic Movements (That only appeared in Europe and Soviet Union regions)

Dharmic/Indian Religions


  • Svetambara
  • Digambara 


  • Main Hindu schools/Traditional Hinduism
    • Vaishnavism / Vishnuism
    • Shaivism / Shiviti
    • Shaktism
    • Smartism (A Hindu breach/school)
  • Minor Hindu schools/Alternate Hinduism
    • Shrautism
    • Suryaism / Saurism
    • Ganapatism
    • Kaumaram
    • Indonesian Hinduism
  • New Hindu Movements
    • Ananda Marga
    • Brahmoism


  • Traditional Buddhism
    • Theravada
    • Mahayana
    • Vajrayana
  • New Buddhist Movements/Navayana
    • Diamond Way
    • Triratna Buddhist Community
    • New Kadampa Tradition
    • True Buddha School
    • Vipassana movement
    • Shambhala Buddhism
    • Sōka Gakkai
    • Won Buddhism
    • Engaged Buddhism
    • Dalit Buddhist movement
    • Yazidi Buddhism/Yazdan Buddhism or Kurdish Buddhism (since 1870s several Religiously Yazidi-Kurdish had abandoned their homeland into eastern nations to later North America and Europe from Islamic persecution until some Buddhist monks in Southern Eastern Asian (like Siam) nations unintentionally inspirationally created new syncretic ethical religion combines forenamed Yazidism/Yazdanism with Theravadan Buddhism during their emigration)


  • Traditional Sikhism
  • New Sikh Movements
    • 3HO

Other Religions (After the 1800's)

Subcultural Religions (1980's-)


Furry Religions

  • Bio-Furryism (Almost popular sect around 56,000 members (2012) believing becoming real furries though means with Biotechnological, Cloning, Genetic engineering/Gene editing, Some Nano-biotechnological and finally Synthetic Biology, Famous people were not other allegedly Christian Weston Chandler himself due of regarding dream creating arfitical animals)
  • Post-Furryism (Cybernetic cult around 5,000 members, Believing that "becoming" real furry though means radical cybernetic implants to have oblivously fake animal parts or "Post human" appearance with "Furry" mechincal appearance, Its offically semi-hersey with Bio-Furryism)
  • Furry Occultism (Small sect that combines Occultism, Celtic Paganism, Loosey Thiestic Satanism?)

Darthism (Enough first Star Wars movie released in late's 1980s, Religion was found somewhere in 1990s to Worshipped Darth Vader as both Hades or Satan?)

  • Sithism


UFO Religions (19th Century-)


  • Independent Scientology


  • Biological Raelism
  • Cyber Raelism

Witch Craft Religions


  • Original/British Wicca
    • Gardner Wicca
    • Alex Wicca
  • New Wicca
    • Chad Wicca


  • North American Voodoo
  • Carbberian Voodoo


  • Celtic Paganism
  • Germanic/Norse Paganism
    • Asatru
    • Odinism
    • Thorism (Technically syncretic bitheistic new religion with retaining mostly Anabaptist views (Remaining banning technology, Will remain dress Amish clothing, etc.) with add Asatru theology and rituals (replacing Christian god with Odin and Jesus as Thor) activties)
  • Hellenism (formerly Hellenic Paganism)
    • Polythiestic Hellenism
    • Monothiestc Hellenism
  • Roman/Italinic Paganism
  • Native Paganism (Inducded: Shamanism, Native American(s) from North and South Americas, Inca, Mayan, etc)


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