Religion Arises is a timeline were the countries of today are ruled by many religous leaders. The biggest is currently the Roman-Vatican Empire which controls many areas. The second is the Lutheran Kingdom which is followers of Luther. Allies of the Roman-Vatican Empire the Orthodoxian Empire are one of the largest to.

The world is bitterly divided over religion and there is nothing that will stop the religious territories.


Roman-Vatican Empire

  • Largest religion empire in the world. Has one of the biggest armies and economies and dominants world religious politics

Orthodoxian Empire

  • Refused to join the Vatican Empire but signed the Schism Reformation Treaty which stated how both religions apologised for their roles in the Great Schism.

The Great Caliphate

  • The most feared and most dangerous of all empires. Has dominated the middle east for hundreds of years. Has fended of Orthodox invasion for hundreds of years.

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