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This is a list of religions.

Religion Primary Regions Number of Followers
1. Buddhism Worldwide 2,385,200,000
2. Taoism Worldwide 2,379,000,000
3. Shintō[1] Worldwide 1,493,000,000
4. Hinduism India, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, Suriname 1,038,000,000
5. Confucianism Africa, Central China 94,000,000
6. Islam Ethiopia, Egypt, Iran, Middle East 86,000,000
7. Christianity Russia, Austria-Hungary, Poland 77,900,000
8. Norse Paganism Denmark-Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Skövde 59,800,000
9. Judaism 1,000,000
10. Other 441,000,000
11. Non-believers 152,000,000
Total World Pop 8,206,900,000


  1. Most followers of Shintō also practice another religion alongside it, mainly Buddhism and Taoism.
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