Religion has always been a pivotal force in the lives of many people. Ever since the end of the Cold War, religion, (especially in the Europe and the other former Communalist states) have seen a decent amount of growth in recent years, along with an increased amount of tolerance for other religions. Compared to OTL, the world is slightly more religious, but Atheists and Agnostics are a majority in certain regions of the former Communalist bloc. Neo-Paganism and other ancient religions have seen a large increase of followers, especially in the Celtic nations and Scandinavia. 

List of Religions 

Here is a list of religious institutions that exist in the Revolution! TL.

  • Christianity: Christianity is divided into various different Churches which are alos divided into subgroups that generally follow their own versions of the Bible.
    • ​Protestantism is mainly practiced in North America, Oceania (Mainly Australia, New Friesland and the Pacific Nations), Northern and Central Europe (especially Germany and Scandianvia). 
    • Catholicism is practiced in Western Europe, Central and South America, Asia, (Only in Indochina is it a major religion, alongside Anglicanism and Buddhism) Oceania (Only in New Burgundy and the Vice-Royalty of Timor-Porto it is a majority)
    • East Orthodoxy is practiced in the Balkans, especially, Greece, Southern Austria-Hungary, Russia, Alyeska and Persia, where it is a minority religion, but still tolerated by the government.
  • Judaism: Judaism is predominantly practiced by members of the Jewish ethnic group, but is practiced by non-Jews. The religion is mainly found in Israel-Palestine, while minor populations can be found in mainland Europe and the United States. (Due to a lack of a Holocaust against the Jewish people in the 1940's, Jews have a larger population in Europe, even though most of them had moved to Israel in 1947.)
  • Islam: Islam is a religion mainly focused in the Middle East, Central and South East Asia and small sections in Southern Europe. Islam is split into two sects, Shi'ite and Sunni. Shi'ite Muslims are mainly found in southern regions of the Ottoman Empire, Persia and some nations of the Indian Subcontinent. Sunni Muslims are mainly found in Arabia, most of the Ottoman Empire and other nations on the Arabian peninsula. 
  • Sikhism: Sikhism is a monotheistic religion that is predominantly practiced in the various nations on the Indian Subcontinent, although many can be found in Canada, the United Kingdom and areas in and around South East Asia. Sikhism exists alongside Islam, Hinduism and Anglicanism in the Republic of Maharashtra as the three most followed religions of the state, other Indian nations also follow these religions as well.
  • Mormonism: Mormonism has been long considered a separate religion due to the differences that separate it from ordinary Christianity. Mormonism is generally a conservative religion that was formed in the 1830s by Joseph Smith, who later fled to California until his assassination in what is now modern day Franklin in 1844. Smith's successor, Bringham Young, fled to California in 1847, citing religious persecution by the American government. The Mormon Church now resides in Salt lake City, in the Californian state of Deseret, which was established in 1850 after lobbying by the Mormon Church.
  • Confucianism: Confucianism is a religious movement that was founded in China in the 6th century BC. The followers of the religious and philosophical teachings of Confucius are mainly found in China, British Hong Kong, Portuguese Macau, Japan, Manchuria and Korea.
  • Shintoism: Shintoism is an ethnic religion that is practiced in Japan, Korea and Manchuria.
  • Atheism/Agnosticism: While both are not classified as religions per say, Atheism and Agnosticism have major followings in Europe, the Americas and most nations that were once a part of the former Communalist bloc. The number of Atheists have been on the rise since the end of the Cold War but has been diminishing somewhat in the past few years as many people begin to turn back to religion after years of anti-religious sentiment that was present in the Red bloc.

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