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Religious (GHGMJ) world map

All Mainsteam Religion of World as in 2017 (Note - This is retcon verison of map)

There are hundreds of religions in the Great Horned God Michael Jackson, but most large religions can be grouped into families. The two major families are the Dharmic Religions and the Abrahamic Religions. Atheists and agnostics make up the two largest groups respectively, and large populations of them can be found in nearly every nation. The religions, themselves, are generally found in their respective regions, though migration and cultural diffusion have played their part in changing the borders and adding diversity to the religion map.

The fastest-growing major religion, in percentage terms, are Neo-Romanism mostly in South America since 1924, Raelism at Quebec since 1986 and Jacksonism in Musical States of America since 2002 due of being part political ideology.

The slowest-growing major religion, in percentage terms, are Agonostcism in Ireland, Wales and Flanders, Chinese/Qingese Folk Religion in Eastern China/Qingland due of growing in population and Wicca in South Carolina.

Largest Religions

Below is a list of the largest religions, and the general areas in which they have a large percentage of followers. Bold entries are religions. Others are either not religions, or a catch-all term for widely diverging belief systems.

  1. Atheism - worldwide, uncommon but surprisingly rarely in Europe and some parts of Northern and Eastern Asia (1,005,033,356 to 1,003,567,324 billion)
  2. Agnosticism - worldwide, rarely in Europe like Ireland, Wales and Flanders and especially some parts of Northern and Eastern Asia (856,053,567 to 862,100,356 million)
  3. Hinduism - South Asia, Central Asia and rarely in Southeast Asia (785,506,536 million)
  4. Christianity - Mostly of Europe, Australia and nearly of Americas (567,325,506 to 568,740,256 million)
  5. Buddhism - East Asia, Southeast Asia, Southeastern Europe, Alaska (456,468,356 to 463,567,360 million)
  6. Neo-Roman ([paganism]) - (Majority of Southern Europe, mostly of Middle east and mostly in South America with almost South Africa) (356,531,500 million)
  7. Chinese/Qingese Folk Religion and Daoism - China/Qingland, Chinese/Qingese diaspora areas (703,005,325 to 631,500,000 million)
  8. Primal indigenous religions - Small parts in Africa, Macronesia, Pacha and North Dakota (531,591,535 to 528,005,212 million)
  9. Unitarian Universalism - Neo-Roman ([paganism]) - Europe, North America and Arabia (56,356,614 to 501,456,00 million)
  10. Jainism - Bit parts of India (462,567,432 million)
  11. Islam - the almost of Middle East, Sumatra, West Africa (456,055,302 million)
  12. Sikhism - Northern India and Northern Madagascar (67,300,500+ million)
  13. Raelism - Mostly all of Quebec due Anti-Christian Upbringings and Religious Freedom (59,300,135 million)
  14. Wicca (Plus Brazilian Wicca and Traditional Wicca) - Some Eastern parts of Brazil, South Carolina and Northern England (56,300,653 million)
  15. Jacksonism - Musical States of America (44,505,000 to 44,670,000 million)
  16. Juche - Koreas (33,200,560 million)
  17. Neo-Africanism - Africa, Carbbrian (32,546,325 million)

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