Although since a more intellectual revolution occured the world has been mostly atheist. However, there still exists religous minorites and majorities. These religions include by world population:

Atheism: 47% (1,335,038,290 people)

Roman Catholic: 23% (653,316,610 people)

Anglican: 12% (340,860,840 people)

Islamic:8% (227,240,560 people)

Jewish: 4% (113,835,490 People)

Buddhist: 2% (56,810,140 people)

Hindu: 1.8% (22,724,140 people)

Bastian: .7% (19,883,549 people)

Chinese: .7% (19,559,498 people)

Afrikaan: .6% (17,043,042 people)

Neo-Paganism .2 (5,681,014 people)

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