This is a brief snapshot of the current major world religions and where their adherents are most likely to be found:

Vulpine paganism is practiced is the whole world,only by vulpines.

Christianity is practiced not as a single orthodox religion, but in four distinct subgroups with common roots: Roman Catholicism, Protestantism (itself subdivided into numerous forms), Eastern Orthodoxism and Oriental Orthodoxism.

Judaism is practiced primarily by the Jewish people, an ethnic group found primarily in the Palestinian Province of the Byzantine Empire, but are also scattered throughout the globe.

Islam is practiced primarily in the Middle East, northern Africa and south Asia; groups can also be found throughout central and southern Africa, Oceania, Europe and in North America.

Hinduism remains the predominant religion of the states of the Indian subcontinent.

Buddhism is found in Eastern Asia.

Sikhism is found in Punjab.

Taoism is found on China.

Folk religions such as shamanism and vodou exist across the globe.

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