Rektaw the Proud
Rektaw the Great
Portrait of Rektaw
Born 1419
Died 1465
Style His Chiefly Majesty, Great Chief Rektaw the Proud of Cahokia
Title Great Chief of Mississippia
Term 1440-1465
Predecessor Great Alligator
Successor Galegenoh
Religion Southern Cult
Children Galegenoh
Rektaw the Proud of Mississippia was the second Great Chief of Mississippia from his acension over Swift Hawk in 1440 until his death in 1465.

Rektaw's reign both established the supremacy of the House of Rektaw which would rule for 93 years, and also continued the progress set out by Great Alligator in expansion of the Cahokian sphere. In many ways, it was Rektaw who ensured that the progress of his predecessor would not be lost. 

Early Life

Rektaw was born to the chief of Moundville right after he swore fealty to Great Chief Great Alligator of Cahokia. As such, Rektaw was expected to lead Moundville after his father's death, so he was trained in hunting.

His popularity developed in an almost cult-like frenzy after the death of Great Alligator in 1465. The power struggle between the House of Great Alligator and the House of Birdman came to a head and Rektaw then offered himself as an alternative option to solve the power struggle.


The reign of Rektaw the Great was noted for both its continued expansion and its significant developments in the city of Cahokia.

Rektaw's first major accomplishment was to establish a school for the training of medicine men. The medicine men play an extremely large role in spreading the common culture of Mississippia, a role which would increase in importance under Galegenoh, Tah-Chee, and Diwali. The school was completed by 1457.

The second great accomplishment was construction of waste water management system that enabled the continued growth of Cahokia. Technically the completion of the system was under the reign of Galegenoh, but Rektaw's support of the project was of the utmost importance.


The legacy of Rektaw was one of the most significant of the Mississippian Great Chiefs. His impact as the second Great Chief was extremely important as he set the tone for his son, grandson, and great-grandson of the House of Rektaw.

He was also important to the acension of Antinanco the Restorer who would follow a similar route to change the dynastic house to the House of Antinanco.