The Reichsraumschiff Reichsadler (English: Imperial Space Ship Imperial Eagle) was the Reich Ministry of Space's first large capital space ship, created in the Venusian city of Ludendorff. The Reichsadler was commissioned to decrease the dependence of the Reich on the Zheronian fleet for defense and law enforcement. Design work was done by several engineers and architects, most notably Albert Speer.

The first commanding officer of the Reichsadler was Hugo Sperrle, a Luftwaffe field marshal who had coordinated Operation Sealion. Sperrle was enthusiastic for the command, calling it a "far cry from the two-seater I flew in the World War."

The Reichsadler was armed with several laser cannons of Zheronian origin, large docking bays for fighters, and a high-performance ISOT drive, used for interstellar travel. The Reichsadler proved its worth when it successfully traveled to Cvidarrki, the first fully human-built and designed ship to make the journey. The ship carried German scientist Wernher von Braun to discuss ISOT design with Zheronian scientists.

The Reichsadler, still operational in 1971, was sent in said year to the Spanish colony on Mars, Sanjurjo to capture dissident author S. M. Stirling, who had written an alternate history series exploring a world where the Zheronians were destroyed in a supernova before aiding the Reich. The Reichsadler delivered Stirling back to Berlin on the direct orders of Joseph Göbbels.

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