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Ukrainian National Government
Райхскомісаріа́т Украї́на
Українське Державне Правління
Flag Ukrainian-state-seal-1941.png
AnthemShche ne vmerla Ukraina
Official languages Ukrainian
Demonym Ukrainian
Government Fascist single-party totalitarian dictatorship
 -  Reichskommissar Stepan Bratsiun
Oleh Tyahnybok
 -  Tsar Maria Vladimirovna of Russia
 -  Flag of Ukraine Ukrainian People's Republic 7 November 1917 
 -  Flag of Ukrainian People's Republic of the Soviets Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic 25 December 1917 
 -  Flag of the Ukranian State Ukrainian State 29 April 1918 
 -  Flag of the Ukranian State West Ukrainian People's Republic 18 October 1918 
 -  Flag of Ukraine Reichskommissariat Ukraine 30 June 1941 
Currency Ukrainian karbovanets
Drives on the right
Internet TLD .ua
Calling code +380

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