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Reichskommissariat Moskau (Das Rote Kaiserreich)

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Reichskommisariat Moskau
Reichskommisariat Moscow
Timeline: Das Rote Kaiserreich

OTL equivalent: Russia

Motto: Führer, Führe Uns!
(German: Führer, Lead Us!)

Anthem: Das Lied der Deutschen
Capital: Moscow
Largest city: Moscow
Other cities: Leningrad, Arhangel'sk, Novogorod
Russian, German
  Other languages: Finnish, Causcasian Languages, Baltic Languages
  Other religions: Catholicism and Islam
Ethnic groups:
  other: Baltic, various Slavic, French
Demonym: Moscowian, Russian
Type of government: Puppet State
  government: German Reichstag
Führer: Helmut Christian Göbbels
Reichskommisariat Head: Joachim Richter
Area: approx. km²
Population: approx. 47,750,000 inhabitants
Established: August 23, 1945
Independence: from Germany
  declared: August 23, 1945
  recognized: August 27, 1945
Currency: Reichsmark, Moscowian Ruble
Time zone: CET+1, CET+2
  summer: CET+2
Internet TLD: .ms
Calling code: +08
Organizations: The Axis, German-Russian Pact, World Trade Coalition, League of Peace
Borders: Germany, Reichskommissariat Ostland, Reichskommissariat Kaukasus, Finland, Persia

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