Previous Hitler Is Killed by RAF (CYOAH)

The Nazi leaders, mainly Albert Speer and Heinrich Himmler, enter a civil war, with Greater Germany being split along the ever changing lines of civil war. After two months of quarreling, Himmler nearly takes control, but is killed by a stray shot. Speer came down with the flu, and later died, leaving greater Germany without a leader. Allied forces close in from all angles, and it is only a few more months before Europe is liberated.

The British, French, and Soviets clean up Europe while the United States deals with the Pacific. With more resources redirected to the Pacific campaign, Iwo Jima is taken by 1943, and from there the Americans launch an attack on the Japanese mainlands themselves. The Japanese Emperor is captured, and the Japanese surrender later that day. The British Empire, still hurting from the war, annexes Western Germany, along with most of Greater Germany, along with placing a British figurehead in France. The empire helps rebuild the parts of Europe destroyed in the war. When the smoke clears, three super powers dominate the world stage; The Soviet Union, the United States, and the British Empire, though China is gaining steam, and will soon become a superpower.

Only ten years after the war's end, regions in the British Empire are beginning to show unrest; if action is not taken the Empire will surely crumble! But what action will Winston Churchill take?

Use military force to keep them in line

Persuade them not to leave the empire

Stimulate the economy

Jazon Naparleon 02:18, July 30, 2010 (UTC)

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