Previous Hitler Is Killed by RAF (CYOAH)

The Nazi leaders decide that a power struggle would only result in the destruction of the empire, and instead reform Greater Germany into an Oligarchy; with the benefit of multiple leaders and advisors making it less likely for them to do something foolish, while also not retaining the fragility that comes with a single leader. Henceforth, rather than challenging the USSR over Poland, the Nazi's agree make an agreement with Stalin: the USSR may have Poland, Greece and the Middle East unchallenged, provided they aid the Germans in the conquest of Britain. The Soviet Union accepts, and the combined forces of Nazi's and Commies march across Europe, and France falls in months. Britain, Scotland and Ireland fall by June of 1942, leaving a clear path to Spain, which is occupied and given to Vichy France. The Russians go to take their end of the bargain, but Stalin and his forces have not yet left Spain, and Himmler comes up with a plan; kill Stalin and ambush the Soviets! Though outlandishly far-fetched, if they succeed the Nazis will be unchallenged across all of Europe, and have a strong foothold in Africa and Asia.

What do the other Nazi leaders do?

Ambush the Soviets

The Nazi's cannot decide

Remain allies with the USSR

Jazon Naparleon 03:30, July 30, 2010 (UTC)

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